Why 2015 can be the best year yet for your music career

How will you make 2015 the best year yet for your music career? Sitting around waiting for a label to sign you or a handout isn't going to do that. You gotta put yourself on. No ones gonna give you a break or a handout, you gotta get out and make it happen. I've been doing music professionally for over 3 years and im still learning and making sacrifices. I hear alot of ppl complaining too many rappers out here etc, all trying to justify why they haven't made it. There are countless producers out there, but it still hasn't stopped me. Whats more important your career or going to the club? Thats not to say don't have fun but only when rewarding yourself for actually completing a project or hitting a major goal. This is called sacrifice, don't do the same sh"t you did last year and expect different results. 2015 will be my best year yet, because I refuse to accept anything less.

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