Cardi B Drops Quality Control Management

Cardi B revealed on Twitter that she currently doesn’t have a manager. 

The rapper responded to a fan's tweet, asking who her management is, to which Cardi responded, “I don’t have no managers .NONE AT ALL! My lawyer handle my business.”


Cardi also cosigned a tweet from another fan, who was explaining her management situation to another Twitter user. The fan, user @ratedrword, was responding to a tweet that falsely stated that the rapper is in a legal dispute with Quality Control Music due to management issues. 

“She’s not in a legal dispute with QC cuz she was never signed to QC,” @ratedrword wrote. “Her litigation is with KSR. Which has nothing to do with her current label Atlantic. She’s had a legal battle with them since before IOp dropped. She’s not releasing cuz she doesn’t have to iop is still charting.” 

Cardi retweeted and agreeably responded to the user's tweet, writing, “This ! This right here !”

It was reported in March 2018 that Cardi had inked a management deal with Quality Control Music. However, it appears that Cardi is confirming that she was never officially signed to QCM—and that her current legal battles are with KSR, the label owned by her former manager, who sued the rapper in 2018 for $10 million. Whatever the case may be, Cardi says she is no longer under a management contract.





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