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Headstrong Hip Hop Beats

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Hip hop is becoming a headstrong marker of authenticity in many cultures. This is because hip hop puts significance on identity and background. It started from the time when popular culture intensified as a field of interest in the late 1970s. 

Well, as you would guess, hip hop has created a history of its own since then. With DJ Herc, it found a vocabulary in the music industry. Today, hip hop is the most famous genre with the highest amount of listeners and artists. 

Social Significance of Hip Hop 

As a hip hop artist, you are probably aware of the fact that hip hop stand for authenticity and resistance. But do you know what social significance and it's origins are? Let’s find out. 

  1. Street culture

Hip hop music with rap beats originated to challenge the elitist white culture that was pushed as supreme and most relevant in the occident countries. Hip hop was a harbinger of change as it gave African-American and Latino culture a voice and music of its own. 

You have heard it right in all those YouTube videos. Hip hop brought the casual conversations of neighborhood and community up to the forefront. The repressed voices that were till now subsumed due to factors of race and class had come out in the open to resist and create a history. 

That is where your factor of loudness comes in. Hip Hop Beats are a loud proclamation of acquiring space.

  1. Metaphorical Representation of Resilience

Aren’t you already enthralled by this history? There is more to know. Many artists, professionals, and scholars have reiterated time and time again that hip hop was a reaction to “gang culture and violence of the South Bronx in the 1970s, and daily experiences of poverty, racism, exclusion, crime, violence, and neglect”. It was a means to reclaim voice and speech.

Alongside multiple popular activities such as graffiti paintings and rapping, hip hop turned into a means of raging against the appropriation of culture. It was the medium to identify one’s self. 

  1. Emotional Authenticity

The hip hop culture is all about being. It demands honesty towards one’s background and cultural position. All artists who have been starlights of hip hop culture have stretched boundaries of the public to make space for their ethnic culture and relevance. 

Many sub-genres of hip hop are built owing to the regional and geographical background of the artist who introduces it. Hip Hop is a source of social change because it is highly accommodative of marginalized groups and communities. 

Generation of Hip Hop

It would be wrong to associate a timeline with hip hop, we agree just as you do. But don’t you believe that the 21st century is the generation of hip hop? The revolution has begun and it is through hip hop that resistance is transformed into music. 

Whether it is the LGBT culture or the black culture, hip hop as a genre is passing the mic so that voices are heard and pulled out of structural and historical suppression. We are changing, as a community and as a music industry. Hip hop is giving that change a place of its own.  

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