A key principle in life...A Must Read

Creating and being successful in your own business is a lot about momentum. 

To explain what I mean think about pushing a car when it has a flat battery. 

If you have done this, you will know that getting the car just to move at all is a back breaking, sweat inducing, curse forming task. 


Once it starts moving, it becomes much easier and the quicker you get the easier it becomes... That's momentum for you. 

Now with your business it is much the same, trying to get your business up and running can be a real pain in the a*s. I know when I started I thought I was going to bust a blood vessel trying just to make my first sale. But then once I made a little (and it was a little!), something changed and it became just that bit easier ...and I have not looked back since 

That's momentum for you. So the thought for today is, it gets easier! It may seem like a struggle now, but once you make the break through and make your first dollar it does get easier...much easier. So if you are struggling or thinking of jacking it in just think about pushing that car with the flat battery… ...although it needs you to put the effort in to get it moving, once it is going you can hop in and just enjoy the ride. ======================= 

Rather than have to push the car to get it started why not let me provide you with some jump leads. (OK, I’m going to stop with the analogy now :)) Sometimes we all need a little bit of help, so I built Makaih Club to give you a helping hand… 

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I wanted to take some of the pain out of building up that momentum, by giving you some think that has been tried and tested and just cuts the mustard! See it as jump leads for your business (Whoops couldn’t resist one more ‘flat battery’ reference) 

A complete business in a box for you. 

In short everything you need to make some income and create that momentum for your business. All you will need to do is follow the simple step by step instructions and you will be good to go. So why not start creating your momentum today 

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Have a great day. 

All the best Makaih

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